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UltraIPTV: A video streaming CDN boutique. Our mission is to work with clients to create a unique, fully customized and cost effective solution to meet a variety of streaming requirements.

What is a CDN? A Content Delivery Network (or Content Distribution Network) is a system of strategically positioned media servers around the world. The main goals of a CDN are about speed, scalability and high-availability. A request from a user will always be routed to the nearest media server (POP). User’s distance to these media servers determine how rapidly a response is received. Shorter distances will result in a significantly improved user experience due to faster loading time, lower latency and minimized package loss. A CDN will also cut your operating costs and make it easy to scale seamlessly without extra effort.

About Us

UltraIPTV mantra is to offer cost-effective and elegant solutions, to complex problems.

Founded in 2008, UltraIPTV operates an Engineering office in Fairfax county, Virginia. The Company prides itself in its creativity and inventiveness.

At the core of UltraIPTV is a team with extensive experience in developing numerous highly successful enterprises and service businesses. UltraIPTV management team has a combined experience of over 60 years in the industry.

Contact Us

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